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Joe Henderson: There is more to being patriotic than wrapping yourself in the flag

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Kellyanne Conway, as she has a way of doing, said something Friday on “Good Morning America” that was over-the-top baloney to, well, everyone – including supporters of President Donald Trump. If they don’t realize that, they should. Asked about the escalating war between the president and the media, Conway defended her boss by saying, and I quote, “It doesn’t help the American people to have a president covered in this light. I’m sorry. It’s neither productive nor patriotic. The toxicity…

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Is Kathleen Ford’s new TV spot some sort of Halloween spoof?

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When I first saw Kathleen Ford at a podium in front of a green-screened American flag, I thought this had to be a Halloween spoof. Evidently, this commercial really was put out by her campaign. Not as bad as that fake commercial for Joe Smith, but this ad certainly is the worst television commercial produced by one of the mayoral campaigns. And I don’t think anyone EVER wants Kathleen Ford imagining anything for them!

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