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David Jolly to congressional Republicans: Ignore Trump’s tweets, isolate him

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David Jolly offers some advice for his former GOP colleagues when called upon to comment on President Donald Trump‘s more egregious tweets: Just ignore him. “No more trips to the White House. No more flights on Air Force One. No more accepting his gratuitous offers of signing ceremonies, White House cocktails, or meetings with his children. No more asking the White House for permission, for policy advice, or for the President’s priorities,” the former Pinellas County congressman writes in an…

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Anderson Cooper to Pam Bondi: Gays think you’re a ‘hypocrite’

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CNN’s Anderson Cooper called out Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi for her apparent double standard on sexuality in the wake of the Orlando shooting. Bondi appeared live in a stand-up interview with Cooper in Orlando that became increasingly testy. The CNN newsman came out as gay in 2012. Sunday’s shooting took place in a gay nightclub, and shooter Omar Mateen’s father has said his son was incensed by the sight of two men kissing during a recent visit to Miami. “I talked to…

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Jeb Bush announces 228-member Hispanic Leadership Committee

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Among the assets that still make Jeb Bush a formidable general election candidate is his ease and connection with the Latino community, something that no other Republican brings to the table. Illustrating that connection is the Bush campaign’s announcement on Thursday of his Hispanic leadership committee, consisting of 228 people spread out over 20 states, as well as in Puerto Rico. “I’m honored to have these great Hispanic men and women join the fight for all American families, working to lower taxes…

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Ana Navarro would rather vote for ‘deez nuts’ than Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump

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Conservative strategist and GOP talking head Ana Navarro really doesn’t like Donald Trump. During a conversation with a room full of Republicans, Navarro said if Trump were the GOP presidential nominee she would be in a corner, curled into a ball and sucking her thumb after she dipped it in whiskey. Asked who she’d vote for in a matchup between Trump and Hillary Clinton, Navarro responded with “deez nuts.” And that’s the sort of no-nonsense banter Navarro is known for. She’s…

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