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Let them eat steak – Part 2: Rick Scott edition

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While Melissa McCarthy-impersonator Sean Spicer was confiscating his staff ‘s cellphones in search of leakers to fire, somebody tipped Independent Review Journal’s Benny Johnson to President Trump’s Saturday night dinner plans. Johnson identifies his tipster as a “trusted source.” Obvious suspects include Trump-whisperer and former Breitbart News big shot Steve Bannon. Bannon might have a soft spot for Young Mr. Johnson, who began his new media career as a contributor to Breitbart and fell, briefly, upon hard times when he…

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Trey Radel: How I came back from being “The Cocaine Congressman”

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Former U.S. Rep. Trey Radel had one hell of a 2013: he was sworn in as a member of the 133rd Congress in January, only to be arrested by federal authorities for attempting to buy cocaine from an undercover officer in October. But life goes on, right? Since then, writes Benny Johnson in the IJR Review, the self-described “Hip Hop Conservative” has been back in the lab as it were, coming clean, training gym and quietly starting his own PR firm…

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