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Bobby Kennedy

Steve Ryan: John Glenn, Senator and hero. Things the public didn’t always see.

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John Glenn is my hero and America’s hero, but he was also my boss. Sen. Glenn always acted with integrity: in his marriage to his sweetheart, in his devotion to his country, in his work with his colleagues. He was always a gentleman in the best sense. I had the good luck as a young child to have the measles during his February 1962 flight. We all marveled at his flight, and his coolness under pressure. Subsequently, we saw all…

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Diane Roberts: With Donald Trump, it’s Midnight in America

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China is stealing our brains. Europeans are laughing at us. Mexicans are pouring over our open borders to drive down your wages and rape your children. ISIL bombers disguised as Syrian refugee children will soon be living on your block. Muslims are shooting up discos. Democrats are coming to take your guns. It’s Midnight in America. Or maybe, like, 3 am. That’s an even worse time. The point is, America totally sucks. (Thanks, Obama). There’s only one thing you can…

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‘Biking while black’ in Tampa story not going away

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The uproar over a Tampa Bay Times report over the weekend that the Tampa Police Department has been targeting low-income black bicyclists over the past decade continues to reverberate, with Chief Jane Castor facing the strongest criticism in her nearly five-year tenure, just weeks before she steps down after a distinguished 30-year career with the department. The story detailed how eight out of 10 bike riders stopped in Tampa from 2003 to 2015 were black, meaning they received 79 percent of the…

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Remembering Bobby II

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Our friend at Bark, Bark, Woof, Woof reminds us that on this day in 1968, Bobby Kennedy was shot in Los Angeles after celebrating his win in the California primary. If his brother’s death was the most tragic day in American history, the assassination of Bobby Kennedy was the most heart-breaking. It truly was the end of the American Dream. Since RFK died, this country has been divided and distracted by an insidiuos brand of conservatism that has choked the…

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