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Should I have my shotgun by my side on Election Day?

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I’ve only owned one gun in my life. It’s a Remington 870 Breacher, so named because it’s partly designed for forcing open a closed and locked door. It has a carbon stock and a camouflage finish. The handful of people who have seen the gun say it’s a beautiful weapon. Then again, not many people have seen it because I’ve only brought it out of its case once and that was to learn how to use it at a local range. Otherwise,…

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Mitch Perry Report for 8.24.16 — Pressure builds for Clinton Foundation to fade away

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Last week it was The Boston Globe. On Tuesday, it was Michael Tomasky at the Daily Beast, and now it’s USA Today. All three media entities say it’s now time for Bill and Hillary Clinton to shut down the Clinton Foundation, as it has become a major liability to the former first lady as she seeks the presidency. Earlier this week, Bill Clinton (finally) announced details to tighten the ethical safeguards of the foundation, to eliminate “legitimate concerns about potential conflicts of interest.” But it appears…

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Mitch Perry Report for 2.29.16 – #OscarsSoLong

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I was delighted to read online in the middle of the night that “Spotlight,” the Tom McCarthy directed film about the Boston Globe’s investigations into the Catholic Church’s sexual abuse scandal, won Best Picture at the 2016 Academy Awards last night. I read about it, because I wasn’t staying up past midnight to find out who took home the award. Seriously, can the Oscars start earlier in the future? The Super Bowl starts at 6:30 p.m. for a reason –…

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Florence Snyder: Church scandal underscores importance of press

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At long last, there’s an edge-of-seat movie about journalism where the woman on the I-Team is not sleeping with her boss or her source. That’s just one of a million things to love about “Spotlight.” It’s a two-hour cinematic distillation of two years in the lives of Boston Globe reporters as they piece together the big picture of the Catholic Church’s cover-up of pedophile priests harbored and enabled by Cardinal Bernard Law. Audiences burst into applause as the end credits…

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Jeb Bush campaign makes $4.6M ad buy for New Hampshire primary

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Republican Jeb Bush will be hitting New Hampshire airwaves hard in January and February ahead of the first-in-the-nation primary. According to the Boston Globe’s Ground Game, the former Florida governor placed a $4.6 million New Hampshire ad buy on Monday, reserving time in the first two months of 2016. They are the most competitive months leading up to the Feb. 9 primary. “This is just a first pass for our long-term approach,” a campaign spokesperson told the Globe. The new…

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On National Voter Registration Day, Kathy Castor and Craig Latimer try to motivate millennials to vote

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The percentage of young people who voted in last year’s midterm elections was 19.9 percent, the lowest ever recorded, and significantly below the 24 percent who voted in 2010. At a news conference held at King High School in North Tampa on Tuesday, Michael Malanga, USF Student Body Vice President, was asked why he believed that so few of his contemporaries go to the polls. “Sometimes there’s a lack of interest, a lack of engagement, and I think that’s something we’re really trying…

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