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Bullying in senior communities targeted

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Dubbed the “Stand Up for Seniors Act,” a newly filed House bill would seek to prevent residents of 55-or-older communities from bullying and harassing other residents.

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Schools find presidential campaign talk conflicts with no-bullies message

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Ryan Lysek rose to become vice president of his fifth-grade class at Lorraine Academy in Buffalo, New York, after the sitting veep got bounced for saying things that went against the school’s anti-bullying rules. So the 10-year-old is a little puzzled that candidates running to lead the entire country can get away with name-calling and foul language. The nasty personal tweets and sound bites of the 2016 Republican presidential campaign are reverberating in classrooms, running counter to the anti-bullying policies…

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Facebook clarifies what posts are not allowed on its network

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Facebook sought Monday to clarify what posts, images and other content it allows on its site and why. In an update to its community standards page, the world’s largest online social network gave users more guidance on why, for example, it might take down a post that featured sexual violence and exploitation, hate speech, criminal activity or bullying. It also explained why it not only bans terrorist and organized crime groups, but it also removes content supporting them. The Menlo…

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