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Florence Snyder: Church scandal underscores importance of press

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At long last, there’s an edge-of-seat movie about journalism where the woman on the I-Team is not sleeping with her boss or her source. That’s just one of a million things to love about “Spotlight.” It’s a two-hour cinematic distillation of two years in the lives of Boston Globe reporters as they piece together the big picture of the Catholic Church’s cover-up of pedophile priests harbored and enabled by Cardinal Bernard Law. Audiences burst into applause as the end credits…

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Today on Context Florida: Representation & gerrymandering, “Spotlight” video textbook and parenting parents

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Today on Context Florida: Martin Dyckman describes why it has taken so long to replace the Legislature’s gerrymandered voting districts with maps that respect the public’s right to fair representation. It was plain to see, three years ago, that the 27 congressional districts and 40 Florida Senate seats were drawn to protect, if not pad, the Republican Party’s outsized majorities in Tallahassee and Washington. Florida should adopt an independent redistricting commission, Dyckman says. At long last, Florence Snyder says there’s an…

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Marco Rubio: Will Pope Francis visit inspire freedom in Cuba?

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As Pope Francis visits the United States for the very first time, it is our privilege as Catholics and Americans to welcome His Holiness to our country. Here, he will find people who are uniquely free. We Americans are free to give our opinions and make our voices heard. We work in a free enterprise economy that, for over 200 years, has lifted countless individuals above the circumstances of their birth to achieve their God-given potential. We have been an…

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Tampa Catholic church sues prominent local GOP activist Terri Gaffney

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When the words “Republican” and “Catholic Church” are placed into the same sentence, one generally assumes a close and loving relationship. After all, “God Bless” is the staple greeting among many conservatives (and is made all the more powerful when adding “America” at the end of it.) But one lawsuit filed by Christ the King Catholic Church against the general counsel of the Hillsborough County Republican Party proves not all Republicans are in favor with the Catholic Church. The Tampa…

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Marco Rubio backed by Catholic Families PAC

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Republican Marco Rubio’s campaign for the U.S. Senate seat was endorsed by the Catholic Families for America (CFA) PAC. “Among the several dozen candidates for the U.S. House and U.S. Senate whom CFA plans to endorse, Marco Rubio is at the head of the class,” said Dr. Kevin Roberts who serves as executive director of the CFA. “His substantive, traditional values message, coupled with his upbeat approach, is a welcome tonic to our toxic public square right now.” CFA backed…

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