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Richard Corcoran’s $2 million haul, and what it could mean for the governor’s race

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House Speaker Richard Corcoran’s newly formed political committee raised more 2 million dollars last month. Although the Land O’Lakes Republican has been coy about his political future, with an eye-opening haul like that, it’s hard to argue the Speaker is not at least considering a 2018 gubernatorial run. Included in that $2,060,000 (and change) Watchdog PAC announced raising in June were significant contributions from Norman Braman and from political committees run by Reps. Jose Oliva, Chris Sprowls and Carlos Trujillo. Also cutting some big…

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In Olympic marketing, smaller brands find restrictions tough

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The Olympics are full of stories of underdogs triumphing against the odds for athletic glory. But in the case of Olympic marketing, smaller brands are finding it tough to prevail amid strict rules. Sponsors such as Visa, Samsung and Coca-Cola pay hundreds of millions of dollars to be associated with the Olympics. So the International Olympic Committee cracks down on non-sponsoring brands that reference the Olympics by name or use Olympic logos in tweets or advertisement. This extends to athletes…

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Personnel note: Amy Maguire exiting All Children’s Hospital for VP role with Coca Cola – Florida

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After “almost 15 years being affiliated with Florida’s greatest children’s hospital,” Amy Maguire tells she’s making a move. Maguire, now vice president for government, corporate & community relations at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, will be taking on a similar role for Coca-Cola. Starting Sept. 6, she will be vice president for public affairs, communications and government relations for Coca-Cola Beverages Florida. “Our collective work for Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital has been rewarding and incredibly meaningful to the hospital’s mission…

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Activists go to Kathy Castor’s office calling on her to reject food labeling law

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Over two dozen anti-GMO activists crowded into U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor’s West Tampa District office on Tuesday, calling on her to oppose legislation that would prevent states from imposing their own laws requiring mandatory GMO labeling laws. GMOs are genetically modified organisms, a source of genetically modified foods. “We want those members of Congress, especially those on the commmitees, that we want labeling,” Dessa Stone-Pividal with March Against Monsanto told aides to Castor, as the congresswoman was not in the office.…

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Run from Cuba, Americans cling to claims for seized property

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The smell of Cuban coffee drifts from the kitchen as Carolyn Chester digs through photos, faded with age, that fill four boxes spread across the dining table. Friends linked arm-in-arm on the sands of a Cuban beach. Men in suits and women in evening gowns at a Havana nightclub. And in almost every frame, a dapper American man with a salt-and-pepper mustache and a raven-haired woman with the arched eyebrows of a 1950s movie star — Chester’s father and mother…

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So grateful…

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Before I post another damn thing, I just have to say I am grateful for little things in life: like playing tennis at North Shore Park. That has to be one of the best places in the country to play tennis. I mean, it’s on the frekin’ waterfront. When I was in New York, I had pay beau coup bucks just for the right to play tennis INDOORS. Here I was today, playing exciting tennis — for free — against…

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