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I predicted this sad socialist Rick Scott defeat months ago

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While absolutely owning it as the Beast on Halloween, I accurately predicted the fall of the last rose petal on the latest Rick Scott socialist scheme. That came today as Rep. Chris Sprowls, being a conservative, refused to spread the wealth with his health care transparency bill. Christine Jordan Sexton said Scott’s office gave this bill a “chilly reception.” Scott’s administration is “unhappy.” Good for Sprowls. Good for Richard Corcoran. To recap: Socialist swing and miss #1: Profit Sharing! Socialist…

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Who’s to blame for Florida’s rising Medicaid costs?

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Florida Gov. Rick Scott is blaming rising Medicaid expanses on President Obama’s health law, even though the state’s top economist said the two are not related. State economists estimated Tuesday that the Medicaid program will cost $577 million more in 2015-2016. That comes as health insurers are seeking a $400 million raise and a 12 percent rate increase. But The Republican governor strongly opposes pumping additional state funds into Medicaid and was not happy when state lawmakers recently invested $400…

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Florida Medical Association backs Bill McCollum and Marco Rubio

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Kevin Derby alerts us that, to no one’s surprise, the Florida Medical Association endorsed Bill McCollum for governor. An FMA endorsement of Rick Scott would have been as strange as Barack Obama tapping Tony Hayward to be secretary of energy. There’s been tension — if not outright bad blood — between physicians and Scott since he was the boss at Columbia/HCA. The health-care endorsement to watch will be the upcoming choice of the Florida Hospital Association. McCollum can really claim…

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Florida Democratic Party launches web ad vs. Skeletor, err, Rick Scott

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The Florida Democratic Party today called out disgraced businessman and Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott for profiting as he was ousted from Columbia/HCA, by releasing a new video entitled “Slick Rick.” Scott was forced to resign amid the federal investigation that led to a record $1.7 billion in fines. The “Slick Rick” video, which should help ensure Floridians know the truth about Scott’s shady past, can be viewed here:

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Rick Scott launches comprehensive website to rebut Bill McCollum attacks

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See what happens when you piss off a multi-millionaire… Rick Scott is responding to attacks on his record as CEO of Columbia/HCA by airing what one can only assume are hundreds of thousands of dollars in television ads, backed up by a comprehensive website Rick Scott is campaigning on holding Florida’s government accountable to the taxpayers.  He believes in accountability and holds himself to the same standards he expects of others. While he’s proud of the record of success…

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