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The Marco Rubio Hourglass

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That’s my term for the graph found in this article in the Wall Street Journal: Florida Gov. Charlie Crist suddenly is the underdog in a heated Republican primary race with rival Marco Rubio for a U.S. Senate seat, amid signs the Sunshine State is tilting more to the right. Two polls released last week showed Mr. Rubio leading the governor by 18 percentage points in the August primary, a reversal from last summer, when the former Florida House speaker trailed…

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Marco Rubio rolls out web videos as CPAC nears

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From Politico: In the run-up to one of the most closely watched conservative events of the year, Florida Senate candidate Marco Rubio is launching a series of web videos designed to place the insurgent Republican in a relaxing, informal, unfiltered setting where he can tell his story in his own words. The first video to be released Monday, entitled “My Background,” focuses on the Senate candidate’s “family background and working class upbringing.” It’s no accident the campaign is rolling out…

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Marco Rubio comes to Pinellas to deliver the most important speech of the campaign, asking PCREC to ‘divorce’ Charlie Crist

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I cannot describe the sheer sense of panic that is pervading throughout Charlie Crist’s supporters here in his hometown of St. Petersburg. At Crist’s beloved Yacht Club or at the bar at Marchand’s in the Vinoy, there are hundreds of Crist’s supporters who cannot begin to conceive of Crist losing an election (as if they forget that the seer-suckered one has already lost twice in his political career). To his supporters in the ‘burg, Charlie Crist is Tom Brady on…

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Citizen Limbaugh?

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Watching Rush Limbaugh’s address to CPAC on Sunday, I couldn’t figure out at first who he reminded me of. That morning, I had watched Karl Rove get owned by Katrina Vanden Heuvel on This Week and, for a moment, I saw a similarity between the two Republicans…the protruding foreheads, the same doughy skin, the similar anti-everything rhetoric. You’ll have to pardon me for mistaking the two. Except Limbaugh is a much larger man, and in that black-on-black wardrobe he wore…

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