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Florida cruise industry grows again, becomes $46B economic driver

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Cruises and related activities continue to be some of Florida’s biggest economic drivers. Last year, travelers spent more than $8 billion in Florida on cruises and related items, which the Miami Herald says made up 38 percent of the $21 billion spent in the United States on such trips. According to Legislative IQ powered by Lobby Tools, the cruise industry supported 146,401 jobs in 2014, paying $6.82 billion in wages, a growth of 8.4 percent over 2013. Total income – through direct…

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Ratings shrink for women’s championship basketball game

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Not only that, but Gotham was a repeat. So did you catch any of the dynasty in the making? Did you see any of the coronation? Did you watch UConn win a ring for the last finger on its hands. Turns out, you were in rare company. Like an old episode of Glee, people seem to be tiring of the familiar. According to ratings, a dwindling TV crowd watched the UConn-Notre Dame game in Tampa last week. At a time that…

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Charlie Crist was 45 minutes late to the Speech of His Life because…he was boating?

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On Thursday, Charlie Crist needed to deliver the Speech of His Life when announced he was dropping out of the GOP primary to run with No Party Affiliation. The entire political world was watching.  TV trucks were backed up along Beach Drive.  CNN’s Candy Crowley was ready to go live to The Situation Room. Chris Matthews wanted to lead off Hardball with a shot from St. Pete. But when five o’clock struck, the Governor was nowhere to be found.  Michelle…

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Light blogging while I enjoy my cruise

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Heading off to the Bahamas for the week, so I won’t be blogging or on Facebook, Twitter, etc. I’ve scheduled a few blog posts to be published while I am away. But I think it’s a good idea, at least for a few days, to not think about Charlie Crist or Marco Rubio or Kendrick Meek or Alan Grayson or Alex Sink or Rick Baker or, well, you get the point… In the meantime, I’m rooting for the Colts and…

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