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Today on Context Florida: Watched pots, cyber crime, gun violence and public notices

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Today on Context Florida: “A watched pot never boils,” says Ed Moore, something heard many times before. We all know it more aptly reflects impatience rather than subjective reality. Of course, Moore points out, a pot will boil if the heat is turned high enough. Watching the news this week from Oregon, the image of a simmering pot about to boil came to mind. At what point do we become aware that our collective pot is already a bubbling cauldron of…

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Bill McCollum at Tiger Bay

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Mansion Envy, or, Navy Man Wants to Board Sinking Ship – When elected in 2006, Florida’s Attorney General was heard to say he’d gotten the best job in Florida! Yet just two years later, Bill McCollum is eying the Governor’s Mansion should the Governor decamp for the U.S. Senate. In his time as the “AG” McCollum has focused like a laser-beam on kiddy porn and cyber crime, hunted gas stations which might be charging too much, and generally avoided making…

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