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In remembrance: Janet Reno

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Newspapers were rolling in dough in the late 20th century. Reporters had expense accounts and plenty of public officials were happy to let them pick up the check. Not Janet Reno. She paid her own way, spoke for herself, and did not require those around her to bow, scrape, or screen calls to her home phone, which was in the book and accessible to the folks who paid her salary. The former Dade County state attorney and United States attorney…

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Steve Schale: Notes on the first day of early voting in Florida

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Dear friends and casual Twitter followers: It is Florida election memo time! I know you all are excited. Fourteen days left. If Jaguars fans can survive the Gus Bradley era, America can do 14 days of this. Also of note: 18 days until FSU basketball tips off. So here are some notes on the first day of in-person early voting: Frankly, for fans of the home team, it’s all good news. Democrats entered the day down after about two weeks…

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