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Faith leaders call for payday lending interest cap

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A group of clergy is asking the Constitution Revision Commission to adopt a proposal capping payday loan interest rates at 30 percent per year. The proposed constitutional amendment was filed last Friday, records show, by Bishop Adam Jefferson Richardson Jr. of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Proponents, who held a Tuesday news conference at the Capitol, said it was modeled after a similar initiative in New Mexico.

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Poll offers clues to GOP on how to woo Millennials

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The GOP has been working on formulating messages that will appeal to younger voters. Their efforts include reaching out to women and minorities, including the latest effort Tuesday using New York Republican U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik – the youngest woman ever elected to Congress – to lead a House hearing on “millennials and the GOP.” It’s no wonder this is being crafted as a key effort gearing up to the 2016 presidential election. A survey conducted this month by Toluna Quicksurveys showed…

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My 1,000th post: I will be Live Tweeting from Glenn Beck’s book signing in Tampa and his rally where he will reveal “The Plan”

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First of all, thank you for making this blog so worthwhile that, with this one, I will have written 1,000 posts worth of opinions, apologies, endorsements, gotchas, links, predictions, pleas for mercy, rants, screeds, etc., etc. They say the first 1,000 is always the hardest to write, just as the first million is always the most difficult to earn. So, hopefully, the next 1,000 will come sooner — and easier — than the first. Regardless, I really am grateful for…

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