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Is Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite retiring – or remarrying?

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There is speculation that U.S. Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite will announce her retirement at tonight’s Citrus County Lincoln Day Dinner. Or she could be announcing something loony. I don’t know why Ginny Brown-Waite wouldn’t run again after polling this well. Then again, as Eric Jotkoff points out, in 2006, Alex Sink got 49.7% and Bill Nelson got 58.7%. District has moved toward Dems in registration too. Updates: Tampa Tribune’s Will March thinks tonight’s major annoucement is more about her pending nuptials:…

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How many RPOF credit cards did lawmakers have? Dems think they know

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The Republican Party of Florida still isn’t saying how many American Express cards were in the hands of state lawmakers before most of the cards were recalled last year – except to deny a claim by Sen. Paula Dockery, R-Lakeland, that “half” the 26 Senate Republicans had one. Well, Florida Democratic Party communications director Eric Jotkoff thinks he knows. And in a Valentine’s Day card spoof aimed at Bill McCollum that thanks him for opposing the release of the party’s…

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Tea Baggers demand transparency from Dems but ban media from convention

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On Jan. 11, FreedomWorks — the corporate-funded, Washington-based community organizers behind the astroturfing of the Tea Bagger movement — put up a petition demanding that Democrats allow the media to cover health-care reform negotiation. On that same day, organizers of next month’s Tea Party convention announced that, except for a small group of hand-picked propagandists, the media will not be allowed to cover their meeting at a luxury hotel in Nashville: Word from Nashville on Monday was that the First…

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Wayne Garcia — the PoHo — screwed up

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If he was still in the political consulting business, Wayne Garcia would probably be the busiest guy in town right now. He was at the top of his game before he left the business to write for The Weekly Planet and teach at UF. Of all the pros in the local political scene, I respect Wayne’s opinion probably the most because he’s independent enough to not snowjob every story. That said, Wayne Garcia, the self-titled Political Whore or PoHo, screwed…

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I was the first person to jump on the Rod Smith bandwagon

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I have to take the credit. I was the first person to jump on the Rod Smith bandwagon. It was about a year ago, when I first spoke with Screven Watson and then met Senator Smith, that I immediately knew he was going to be the Democratic candidate for governor. Eveyone that was supporting Smith at that point had known him for a while, so they can’t say they “jumped on the bandwagon”; they were the bandwagon. By supporting him…

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