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Jeff Greene: Is Kendrick Meek clueless or worse?

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Today, Jeff Greene for Florida launched a new viral video and website at The parody viral video and website highlight career politician Kendrick Meek’s ties to a criminal fraud case involving indicted developer Dennis Stackhouse. The St. Petersburg Times, in an editorial, said Meek’s explanation of his role in the scandal made Meek “clueless or worse.” On the website, voters can learn the facts, watch the video and decide for themselves, by voting if Meek is clueless or worse.…

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Even the Republican Party agrees with Charlie Justice on earmarks

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On Friday, the Republican Congressional Committee joined Charlie Justice as well as Democratic leaders in Congress in the movement to end the corruptive practice of earmarks that continue to drive the U.S. economy and budget out of control. “It is refreshing to see that even the Republican Party can no longer tolerate the corruptive practice of earmark/pork-barrel spending that has gone on for far too long in our government. Democrats and Republicans agree that earmarks are corrupting our government and…

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If Congress is banning earmarks, why should voters re-elect Bill Young?

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Anyone else get the feeling that the race for Florida Congressional District 10 just got a whole lot more interesting now that House Democratic leaders on Wednesday banned budget earmarks to private industry, ending a practice that has steered billions of dollars in no-bid contracts to companies and set off corruption scandals. (Not to be outdone, Congressioanl Republicans in a quick round of political one-upmanship, tried to outmaneuver Democrats by calling for a ban on earmarks across the board, not…

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As Bill Young comes to Tiger Bay, I want to ask him: Why are you such a tease?

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After a long absence, the Honorable C.W. Bill Young ventures back into the Tigers’ den. The 20-term Congressman has a rich array of current issues he may choose to address –economic recovery and the stimulus, the health-care debate, energy policy and offshore drilling. Rep. Young is an influential and knowledgeable master of the Appropriations game. How does he balance fiscal conservatism with bringing home a prodigious share of earmarks to his district and Florida universities? Another of Rep. Young’s specialties…

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