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Eric Garner

DNC guide: Tuesday’s roll call says it all

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For all of the hoopla attached to a political convention, it all comes down to this: that moment when the presumptive nominee becomes the nominee outright. On Tuesday night, Hillary Clinton is to become the first woman presidential nominee of a major party. The result is foreordained, but the roll call of the states will nonetheless be an emotional coda for Bernie Sanders supporters whose passion and energy took the Vermont senator from fringe candidate to serious contender. Some things…

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Today on Context Florida: A memorable year for black America, KISS and combating fraud

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Today on Context Florida: With the passage of 2015, Chris Timmons notes that it was a memorable year in black America. From Michael Brown to Eric Garner to Sandra Bland to Tamir Race, the story of police brutality remained a constant in the news, a story more complex than either Fox News or the Black Lives Matter movement would have us believe. There was also Bill Cosby’s fall from grace, the thwarted redemption of NFL player Ray Rice and the rise…

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USF/Orlando PD study finds police body cameras reduce citizen complaints

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In the wake of highly visible acts of police brutality captured by citizens’ cellphones over the past year, more law enforcement agencies are using or are about to begin using body-worn cameras (BWCs). While it’s been celebrated as a technological breakthrough that can protect both law enforcement officers as well as members of the public who interact with them, there is also some concern that it’s something of a panacea for a more complex problem. Critics note how Staten Island resident…

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National Bar Association poll shows racial schism in attitudes on law enforcement

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A poll put out Wednesday by a group of African-American lawyers, judges, educators and law students revealed a gulf between how black Americans and white Americans believe black people are treated by police. The National Bar Association poll showed 88 percent of blacks believe police treat black people unfairly while just 59 percent of white Americans hold the same view. The gulf is wider still in Southern states, where 90 percent of blacks say there is unfair treatment compared to 55 percent of whites.…

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ACLU & other groups now oppose police body camera bill in Tallahassee

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After the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner at the hands of law enforcement agencies last year, there was a nationwide clamor for police officers to begin wearing body cameras as a way to provide transparency and accountability for both the police and the citizenry. President Obama announced $263 million in funding for law enforcement agencies to buy body-worn cameras and improve training, and police departments throughout the Tampa Bay area said they would begin implementing their usage as well.…

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