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Fantasy Sports Trade Association

Fantasy sports companies fold as legislative battle resumes

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The daily fantasy sports industry sharply contracted since the online games offered by companies like FanDuel and DraftKings sparked court and legislative battles across the United States last year. More than two-thirds of companies that existed this time last year have shuttered, changed focus or joined with competitors, according to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, the industry’s lobbying arm. Among the most prominent examples is the proposed merger between the industry’s two largest companies — Boston’s DraftKings and New York’s…

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State legislatures see flurry of daily fantasy sports bills

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The daily fantasy sports debate has spilled into state capitols nationwide, with nearly 30 legislatures including Arizona’s considering proposals to regulate, ban or affirm the games played by millions of Americans. The flurry of recent legislative activity represents a sea change for the industry, which for years was content to operate largely unregulated. “We’ve been operating in this gray area for a long time, and, up until now, it hasn’t really been a problem,” said Peter Schoenke, chairman of the…

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Today on Context Florida: Crispr gene-editing tool, fantasy sports and Camp Murphy WWII memories

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Today on Context Florida: If you pay attention to the news, you’d think Florida, the nation and the world are doomed. But cheer up, says Tom O’Hara. The big story of 2015 is Crispr/Cas9, and it’s very good news. For laymen, the scientists are calling this a “gene-editing tool.” With Crispr (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats), scientists have discovered a cheap and efficient way to cut DNA so they can disrupt bad genes and insert good ones. They compare the…

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New York Times fantasy sports ‘scandal’ is just that — fantasy

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Few can resist the allure of “major scandal.” Even fewer can resist assailing an easy target. Not even the venerable New York Times is immune from such bad habits, even though it should know better (shouldn’t it?) Covering the fantasy sports industry, which is described as a multibillion-dollar “unregulated business,” leave it to The Times to miss the mark entirely. A new article does no less than fabricate major scandal out of whole cloth, centered on the inadvertent release of non-public data.…

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Gambling or fun? Lawmakers may make call on fantasy sports

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As the NFL season kicks off, another big contest may be soon be played in the halls of the Florida Capitol. The growing fantasy sports industry, which is already subjecting television viewers to a barrage of wall-to-wall advertising with the new football season, is now setting its sights on getting the blessings of the Republican-controlled Florida Legislature. Two rival fantasy sports companies, FanDuel and DraftKings, have joined forces to hire one of Tallahassee’s most prominent lobbying firms led by a…

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Gambling or not, daily fantasy sports faces scrutiny

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Think wagering $20 to win $1 million by picking a winning combination of NFL players for a fantasy team this Sunday is gambling? The league says it isn’t. So do fast-growing daily fantasy sports companies such as DraftKings and FanDuel that offer the games and advertise with the long gambling-adverse pro football organization. But as the lucrative NFL betting season ramps up and advertisements from DraftKings and FanDuel are as hard to miss as an extra point, Las Vegas casinos…

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