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Finding Nemo

Florida project breeds ‘Finding Dory’ fish in captivity

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Researchers at the University of Florida say fish like the animated character Dory may become easier to find for home aquariums. In a statement Tuesday, researchers at the University of Florida Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory said they had successfully bred Pacific blue tangs in captivity for the first time. The blue species is the model for the forgetful fish featured in the films “Finding Nemo” and “Finding Dory.” Researchers say the breakthrough means that one day, home aquariums or marine life…

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Email insights: Charlie Crist, seagulls and the GOP’s impeccable timing

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In politics, timing is everything. A new GOP email — coinciding with Democrat Charlie Crist’s not-quite-yet announcement for his congressional candidacy — points out his “eerie similarity” with the seagulls of the Disney movie Finding Nemo. “All of those silly little seagulls just fly around obnoxiously screaming, ‘Mine! Mine! Mine!’” says the email from the National Republican Congressional Committee. The only difference is that, unlike the seagulls, Crist is not looking for his next meal, but for his next office.…

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