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Why are Safety Net Hospitals crying foul over $134 million in new funding?

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It’s hard to criticize Florida’s safety net hospitals. They are the last-resort centers that provide medical care to uninsured or under-insured people. Who could argue against doing everything possible for such a deserving cause, right? But with those hospitals screaming about a proposed state funding formula, maybe we should all take a moment to catch our breath and look at the bigger picture. What we’ll see is that all Florida hospitals – even the for-profit institutions so easy to demonize in this kind of discussion…

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New survey shows Florida for-profit hospitals provide quality health care for less

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A new survey of health care costs shows that for-profit hospitals in Florida can save patients up to $650 per day compared to either nonprofits or facilities managed by state and local governments. At one time, a trip to the hospital was a rare occasion. People living in rural, out-of-the-way communities were often treated at home, even for surgery. Hospitals were reserved for the chronically ill. Times have indeed changed. Nearly every community in America has some form of health…

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