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Gaming industry embraces Internet to become global phenomenon

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Few will dispute that technology is transforming the way the world does business. As proof, one only needs to look at the ever-growing list of companies going online to reach customers and expand markets. One industry fully embracing the Internet as a business model is casinos and gaming, which, in the span of just over a decade, developed into a multibillion-dollar online industry. In what has become a global sensation, people of all ages and demographic groups are flocking to…

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Today on Context Florida: Representation & gerrymandering, “Spotlight” video textbook and parenting parents

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Today on Context Florida: Martin Dyckman describes why it has taken so long to replace the Legislature’s gerrymandered voting districts with maps that respect the public’s right to fair representation. It was plain to see, three years ago, that the 27 congressional districts and 40 Florida Senate seats were drawn to protect, if not pad, the Republican Party’s outsized majorities in Tallahassee and Washington. Florida should adopt an independent redistricting commission, Dyckman says. At long last, Florence Snyder says there’s an…

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Forbes staffers asked to help the boss get more Twitter followers

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Forbes magazine is “making a big push for Steve Forbes on Twitter,” says a staff memo, and “it would be great if [employees] could mention Steve’s account and let [their] own followers know he is now tweeting.” He had 1,348 followers at last check.

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The case against Jeb Bush, the force behind SB 6

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While the future of the state’s education system hangs in the balance, let’s take a closer look at the real force behind the Florida Senate’s drive to pass SB 6, Jeb Bush (“I talked to Jeb this morning,” Thrasher said Thursday, still celebrating passage of the tenure bill, albeit on a close 21-17 vote. “He was very pleased with what we did. Very pleased.”) The chattering class – typified in this case by one Scott Maxwell – continue to propagate…

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