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Darryl Paulson: White knight refuses to be dark horse

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Republican Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, Mitt Romney’s 2012 running mate and the current Speaker of the House, ended the speculation that he would be the white knight who would save the party from Donald Trump. The white knight refused to become the GOP dark horse. “Let me be clear,” said Ryan in his brief address at Republican National Committee headquarters, “I do not want, nor will I accept, the nomination of our party.” Not only did Ryan reject any nomination,…

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Kathy Castor defends the whole superdelegate thing

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As was the case in 2008, the issue of superdelegates – party officials who are able to cast their own votes, separate from primary and caucus results – has roiled the Democratic Party during this election cycle. Going into next Tuesday night’s New York Primary, Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders among pledged delegates, 1,304 to 1,075. However, when it comes to the superdelegates, Clinton is dominating. The former secretary of state has 469 appointed superdelegates vs. Sanders 31. Democrats need 2,383…

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Why Bernie Sanders keeps winning but may not be Democratic nominee

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The standard line in Bernie Sanders‘ campaign speeches goes like this: “Despite what the corporate media is telling you, there is a path to the nomination.” If such a track exists, it’s far from clear what it is. Sanders is far behind Hillary Clinton in the race for delegates that will decide the nomination. He’ll need 68 percent of those remaining to win. Even after his recent run of success, Sanders is nowhere near that pace. And it’s not the…

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Today on Context Florida: History repeats, Andrew Jackson, Florida’s primary, momentum and school readiness

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Today on Context Florida: Hoping for a moderate presidential nominee in 1972, Martin Dyckman says the Democrats who controlled the Florida Legislature set up a primary intended to award Sen. Edmund Muskie most of the state’s delegates. George Wallace won them instead – 75 of the 81 – with pluralities in all but one congressional district and 41.6 percent of the overall vote. The damage to Muskie, who placed fourth, was irreparable. It contributed significantly to the eventual nomination of the…

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Mitch Perry Report for 1.20.16 — Democratic Party establishment freaks out over Bernie Sanders

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If one were a better person, the most likeliest general election matchup in the presidential race nine months from now would be Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton. That scenario may never happen, but based strictly on the polls, those two candidates lead their respective parties nationally. There could be an interesting debate about who might win that race, but if that comes to pass after the conventions in July, we’ll all have plenty of time to chew that over. What…

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Karl Nurse says Hillary Clinton needs to respond to Bernie Sanders challenge on financial reform

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Hillary Clinton is scheduled to give an address on Wall Street oversight on Monday, and Karl Nurse says it can’t come quick enough. The St. Petersburg City councilman attended a V.I.P. reception for Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook in Tampa last month, and said he learned that the Democratic candidate for president would be giving two major speeches in the next few weeks — one on economic policy, and one about Wall Street. Nurse said he’s been observing the large crowds that Vermont Independent…

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