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George Washington

Founding generation, not just fathers, focus of new museum

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Alongside a display of the Declaration of Independence at the Museum of the American Revolution, a separate tableau tells the story of Mumbet, an enslaved black woman in Massachusetts who, upon hearing the document read aloud, announced that its proclamation that “all men are created equal” should also include her. In response, her master hit her with a frying pan. Mumbet sued him, won her freedom in court, changed her name to Elizabeth Freeman and became a nurse. Her case…

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Ready, aim, visit: American Revolution Museum at attention

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With muskets polished, flags aloft and one very commanding tent in place, Philadelphia’s Museum of the American Revolution is at the ready. After nearly two decades of planning, the museum that tells the dramatic story of the founding of the United States opens April 19, the anniversary of the shots fired at the battles of Lexington and Concord in 1775 that ignited the war. The museum also reveals how a diverse population — including women, Native Americans, and enslaved and…

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Today on Context Florida: Antonin Scalia, American Forests, the sharing economy and Presidents’ Day

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Today on Context Florida: Jim Rosica talks with Florida legal legend Sandy D’Alemberte, who reminisces on fond memories of Antonin Scalia. The Supreme Court Justice died Saturday at the age of 79. Manley Fuller introduces us to a national nonprofit group called American Forests, which since 1940 has been scouring the U.S., looking for the biggest trees in the land. When they find a big tree, they make measurements, compare with other known specimens, and finally record the biggest as Champion…

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Tuskegee Airman Willie Rogers honored by St. Petersburg on Veterans Day

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St. Petersburg City officials gathered in Williams Park this Veterans Day morning to honor Willie Rogers, of the famed Tuskegee Airmen. Rogers, who achieved the rank of Master Sergeant during his military career, was presented with the city’s 2015 Honored Veteran Award. The accompanying ceremony featured a Presentation of Colors by the St. Petersburg Police Honor Guard, songs from the Gibbs High School choir, and speeches from U.S. Rep. David Jolly and St. Pete Mayor Rick Kriseman, among others. “You…

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New Hampshire presidential towns largely ignored in campaign

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All presidential candidates want to get to Washington, D.C. But what about Washington, New Hampshire? Incorporated a dozen years before George Washington‘s first inauguration, Washington is one of a half-dozen New Hampshire towns named after presidents. But, along with most other communities, it has largely been bypassed by those hoping to become president. Contrary to the perception that presidential candidates travel to every nook and cranny across the state to win votes in the nation’s first primary, they mostly stick…

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Campaigns increasingly turn to online stores for revenue, targeting voters

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As the 2016 presidential race gears up, candidates turn to Internet commerce to boost coffers, widen the small-donor base, collect personal data on supporters and get their campaign message out. Online stores selling all kinds of merchandise is also a good way to gets some digs at opponents. Among the items sold on the Rand Paul campaign website is “Hillary’s Hard Drive,” a joke gift — with a serious $99.95 price tag – part of a number of items intended…

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Stop Obamicizing your photography

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Scroll through your Facebook account and doubtless there are dozens of your “friends” with profile pictures which have been Obamicized like the picture above of my dog Guiness. These so-called friends of yours need to stop. They need to switch back to their previous profile picture…the picture in which they look fabulous but are trying too hard to be unaware how fabulous they look, as if they haven’t already deleted the other two dozen horrible photos of the day they…

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