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Martin Dyckman: As rhetoric descends, up pops evil

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John Kasich has taken heat for a web ad that subtly compares Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. Narrated by a former Vietnam POW, retired Air Force Col. Tom Moe, it paraphrases German pastor Martin Niemoller’s famous statement of regret that he did not speak up for the tyrant’s victims until he became one “and there was no one left to speak for me.” Hitler analogies should be rare and expressed carefully lest comparisons to lesser evils trivialize his monstrosities. Too…

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Ben Carson’s gun comments highlight free-wheeling style

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Ben Carson suggested last week the Holocaust wouldn’t have happened if Jews in Europe were better armed. He argued that gun control is a bigger tragedy than a bullet-riddled body. He said the best way to confront a mass shooter is to rush the gunman. The statements, after the mass shooting in Oregon that killed nine college students, have drawn no shortage of criticism, including from public-safety experts and the FBI. Carson’s commentary on gun policy is emblematic of his…

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Today on Context Florida: The Holocaust, energy, term limits and #BlackLivesMatter

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Today on Context Florida: Danielle Wirsansky is always shocked when she encounters people who know very little about the Holocaust, which such an important part of history, not just for Jewish people, but for us all. As a time of great evil, death and genocide, I wonder how the events could be forgotten when those who are survivors or have experienced its effects are still alive today. Despite Florida’s education mandate, too many students remain ignorant. On the important topic of…

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