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Watchdog group claims hotel industry, FIU, teaming for anti-Airbnb research

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A watchdog group called the Checks & Balances Project is charging that the leading hotel industry association may be paying Florida International University to produce research for the industry’s lobbying against Airbnb and other home-sharing marketing companies.

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Airbnb becomes target after Clearwater man slips in private short-term rental

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As home sharing grows in popularity worldwide, Airbnb is also becoming an increasingly larger target for people who view the network as having deep pockets. Such as the case in Pinellas County Civil Court, where a Clearwater man who rented a private home in Miami for two nights slipped on a bathroom rug and fell after exiting the shower. Sophorn Ly, 39, rented the home with seven other guests through Airbnb, the San Francisco-based company leading the peer-to-peer home sharing…

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Bills would restrict local regulation of vacation rentals

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Proposals from state Rep. Mike La Rosa and state Sen. Greg Steube would restrict how local governments may regulate vacation rentals, a move that could help preserve that market for the rapidly-expanding Airbnb phenomenon and similar home-sharing services. On Tuesday La Rosa introduced House Bill 425. Like Steube’s Senate Bill 188, introduced earlier, it would prevent cities, towns and counties from adopting local laws, ordinances and regulations of vacation rentals, leaving their oversight largely to the state. Both La Rosa’s…

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Claims Airbnb is ruining neighborhoods is more sharing-economy fear-mongering

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Much like how Uber and other ride-hailing apps toppled the taxi industry, home-sharing platform Airbnb has revolutionized the way people travel, and hotel companies aren’t the only ones taking notice. Since the site took off, critics have pointed to the questionable legality of whole-home rentals, which are prohibited in many municipalities for periods less than 30 days, not to mention the Uber-esque argument that most Airbnb “hosts” get by without having the same insurance or paying the same taxes and…

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Airbnb reports 16,000 Florida homes rented for 750K visitors

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The home-sharing tourism company Airbnb reported Tuesday morning that its service arranged for 754,000 visitors to stay in 16,100 private homes in Florida in 2015. The most popular place for the home-based lodging program was the Miami-Fort Lauderdale market, which accounted for almost half of all the private homes participating and more than half of the visitors. Airbnb is an eight-year-old app-based, home-sharing service that connects visitors with people who have homes or rooms available for rent by the night. The company’s…

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