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United in purpose, Miami’s Overtown says ‘move on’ with I-395 project

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Earlier this month, reported on the outpouring of community support for the “signature bridge” design chosen for the new I-395 overpass through Miami’s Overtown neighborhood. Despite protests by some with a political agenda, the drumbeat of support for Archer Western-de Moya’s winning design continues to grow in intensity. After more than a quarter-century of discussion and debate, this final design — one selected by Florida’s Department of Transportation that melds both form and function — comes as a welcome relief…

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Time to move forward with the Miami I-395 project, reconnect a divided Overtown

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Bridges have one purpose, to get people safely from one place to another. Being aesthetically pleasing is just a bonus. Drama should not be part of the deal. Yet no bridge has come as much drama as the proposed I-395 overpass through Miami’s Overtown neighborhood. It’s time to end the spectacle and move forward. The main function of any bridge, particularly one in an urban setting, is to ease traffic. Archer-Western de Moya’s winning design for the Miami-Dade “signature bridge”…

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