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St. Pete City Council approves biosolids project funding

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St. Pete City Council approved approximately $67 million for upgrades to the city’s biosolids program. The Biosolids and Waste to Energy Project is expected to make the city’s wastewater treatment procedures more sustainable and come with significant savings. “The Biosolids and Waste to Energy Project will provide a means to produce a sustainable Class A biosolids suitable for use as a soil amendment, reduce operational costs for biosolids processing by consolidating operations at the [Southwest Water Reclamation Facility], provide needed…

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Hillary Clinton proposes $275 billion in new infrastructure spending

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Hillary Rodham Clinton called for hundreds of billions in new federal spending on infrastructure on Sunday, kicking off what her campaign says will be a month-long focus on job creation. Standing before a backdrop of union workers and students, the Democratic presidential frontrunner vowed to rebuild “ladders of opportunity” and give a greater number of Americans a “middle-class lifestyle.” “Investing infrastructure makes our economy more productive and competitive,” she said at the launch of “Hard Hats for Hillary,” a new…

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St. Pete City Council committee wants to spend $1.5 million on sewers

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A St. Pete City Council committee voted Monday to spend $1.5 million of the total $6.5 million awarded the city as a result of a settlement in the BP oil spill disaster. St. Pete Mayor Rick Kriseman had recommended spending $1 million for infrastructure repairs and replacement. Earlier discussions about the BP oil spill award showed some City Council members wanted to spend more of the money on immediate repairs in the wake of 31 million gallons of raw and…

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Florida uses EPA water system grants to gird infrastructure

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With a burgeoning population and aging water systems, Florida will need $16.5 billion in funding over the next 20 years just to maintain its existing drinking water infrastructure, according to estimates from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. In most places across the country, the promise of clean, cheap, readily available water has been taken for granted, but that has begun to change. Farm runoff has polluted municipal water sources, and the aging underground networks of pipes that carry water to…

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Pam Iorio comes to Tiger Bay

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Every day, thousands cross between our two counties to live and work. And while we often host those who govern our home turf, it’s time to invite Tampa’s popular and powerful leader, Mayor Pam Iorio, into the Den. Approaching the end of her time in the Mayor’s office, she has had a largely successful run. Her popularity has remained high as she focused on “nuts and bolts” issues such as infrastructure repair, code enforcement, and crime prevention. Some even mention…

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Jeb says tax cuts are his top priority this legisative session

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Florida’s basic infrastructure may be splitting at the seams, but that doesn’t appear to worry Governor Jeb Bush, who said the upcoming spring legislative session will include some of the most dramatic proposals for reform since his first year in office and that substantial tax cuts are at the top of his list since Florida’s hot economy has generated a budget surplus of more than $3 billion for the state. I am not an economist, I only play one on…

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