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3 reasons Apple’s watch will (or won’t) change the game

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No one can argue that Apple has changed the way people live their lives. The company’s iPod, iTunes, iPhone and iPad have shaken up music, phone and computer markets worldwide. Is the Apple Watch going to be able to do the same? The stakes are big for Apple CEO Tim Cook: the watch is the first brand-new Apple product to be launched without legendary co-founder Steve Jobs. But the market is awash in smartwatches that have gained little traction. Here…

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What’s on Kendrick Meek’s iPod?

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A few more tidbits from my recent interview with Congressman Kendrick Meek… Of course I asked him all of the tough questions, like, “Aren’t you insane to give up a safe seat in the U.S. Congress and a position on the all-powerful Ways and Means Committee to run for the U.S. Senate against (no offense to the increasingly exciting Marco Rubio) a governor with a supersonic approval rating?” To whit, he provided a great answer about how he has never,…

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