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Steve Kornell jabs at Angela Rouson in dueling mail-pieces to early voters

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The question “Who says…?” is at the center of the debate between Steve Kornell and Angela Rouson in their campaign to win the District 5 seat on the St. Petersburg City Council. Both candidates mailed direct mail-pieces (both of which are heads-and-shoulders better than the butt-wipe the Mayoral Candidates mailed out) to the so-called early voters and the differences between the two is obvious: Steve Kornell is a recreation leader, Angela Rouson is a leader, period. Kornell’s mail-piece is actually…

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Jamie Bennett to skip Kennedy King dinner

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Mayoral candidate Jamie Bennett will skip this weekend’s Kennedy King Unity Dinner, evidently because he (actually, his wife) does not want to attend an event of an organization (The Pinellas Democratic Party?) whose members have filed complaints against his campaign (dentally challenged Dem Jim Donnelon filed complaints against Bennett and myself, all of which were dismissed).

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