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Catcher in the Right: Jeb Bush’s grown-up campaign

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Amid the spectacle of 2016 GOP presidential candidates Twitter trolling and stumbling over one another to out-firebrand the field, Florida’s Jeb Bush is attempting to stand out among the crowd by playing the part of the adult in the room. What’s more, according to Joe Klein in Time — it’s working: In a week during which Rudolph Giuliani went crusader-ballistic questioning President Obama’s patriotism – indeed, questioning his upbringing – Jeb Bush gave a speech about foreign affairs, the third serious policy speech he’s given…

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Forbes columnist: Is Charlie Crist ‘America’s Worst Governor’?

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Charlie Crist is an extraordinarily gifted politician, known for his unpretentious and warm demeanor. He might also be America’s worst governor. Read the rest of this article from Forbes after the break. Among liberals and progressives, there is a puzzling admiration for Crist, long considered by Democratic and Republican veterans of Florida’s political scene to be something of an opportunist if not a lightweight. In May, Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne wrote a column suggesting that conservative discontent with Crist…

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