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Jeb Bush to align with Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney law firm as strategic consultant

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Jeb Bush is bringing his star power to the law firm of Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney in a strategic affiliation through his firm Jeb Bush & Associates. The two-term Florida governor and former presidential candidate will be providing expertise as a consultant to the firm and its clients, according to a statement by the firm first shared with “This move adds to our firm’s distinguished reputation as a leader in providing strategic advice on government, regulatory and business matters,” said…

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Mac Stipanovich: Bloodied, but unbowed after Donald Trump’s election

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I was a charter member of #NeverTrump, and, as such, I was a true believer in the justice of the cause and the probability of its success. So no one was more surprised by Donald Trump‘s victory than I. Or more bewildered by it. Or more angry about it. No one. I have been told ad nauseum that my blindness was the result of being out of touch with the WWC (the white working class, which is just the latest…

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A rundown of the real winners and losers from Florida’s general election

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Yesterday’s slate of general elections in Florida certainly provided a list of winners and losers, and I’m not just talking about the candidates. Here is my list of the real winners and losers coming out of Tuesday. Winners Rick Scott — The Naples Republican was an early backer of the president-elect, comparing Trump’s rise to his own 2010 gubernatorial run and even penning an op-ed way back in January that Trump captured “the frustration of many Americans.” No doubt he’s taking notes for his own rumored 2018…

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The smartest guy in the room thinks Hillary Clinton will win Florida

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With four days before The. Most. Important. Election. Ever. comes to its conclusion, it’s difficult to separate the signal from the noise when it comes to polling and predictions. Right now, everyone is as much an expert about politics as they are in theories about how “Game of Thrones” will end. So many people are nervous about the outcome of the election, they will hang on to a single shred of data — “But Hispanic NPA early voting is up 28…

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Mac Stipanovich: Win or lose, Never Trump movement remains proud

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With Donald Trump still down in the polls with a week to go, the edifice of excuses designed to justify his potential defeat is being hurried to completion. To the foundation stones of voter fraud and a mainstream media conspiracy his campaign manager recently added treason, alleging that if Trump loses it will be, in large part, because he was stabbed in the back by the Never Trump renegades in the GOP. That is a baldfaced lie. Never Trump did not…

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Halloween is brought you by these Florida lobbyists and political associations

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The witching hour is upon us. Ghosts and ghouls fill the streets. Zombies walk side-by-side with princesses and superheroes. Their mission the same: Spook and scare their neighbors in hopes of scoring enough candy to sustain them for the next year. Total spending for Halloween is expected to reach $8.2 billion in 2016, according to the National Retail Federation. The annual survey expects consumers will spend an average of $82.93, up from $74.34 in 2015. The National Retail Federation predicts…

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Today on Context Florida: Open primaries, Mac Stipanovich, Hurricane Wilma & Key West and EULAs

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Today on Context Florida: Voters will still have plenty of choices without resorting to open primaries, says Bob Sparks. Advocates for open primaries say it is not fair for Republicans and Democrats to exclusively choose their own party’s nominees. They believe the Socialist Party or the Libertarian Party, for example, should be able to help decide the nominees of the major parties. They also want those who register with No Party Affiliation (NPA) to participate. It must be made clear that…

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