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Today on Context Florida: Open primaries, Mac Stipanovich, Hurricane Wilma & Key West and EULAs

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Today on Context Florida:

Voters will still have plenty of choices without resorting to open primaries, says Bob Sparks. Advocates for open primaries say it is not fair for Republicans and Democrats to exclusively choose their own party’s nominees. They believe the Socialist Party or the Libertarian Party, for example, should be able to help decide the nominees of the major parties. They also want those who register with No Party Affiliation (NPA) to participate. It must be made clear that these individuals are not permitted to participate because of choices they made. They chose to register within a different party or chose not to participate in party politics at all. There is nothing wrong with that. The solution here is simple. If having a voice in determining a party’s nominee is that important, then register with that party.

Mary Jo Melone notes that reporters call what Mac Stipanovich did in his stay-home-or-vote-for-Hillary column a case of burying the lede. In this case, the lede was buried so deep, it was good as underwater. Your party has built its strength partly on people who favor the Bible over the Constitution, Melone adds, so here’s a bit from Proverbs. “He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind.” And here’s a piece of advice. If you are heading to the convention this summer, Mac, you’d do well to leave the banners and balloons at home. Bring a coat. The forecast calls for it to be mighty chilly in Cleveland.

Linda Cunningham says we should blame Hurricane Wilma for the rarely seen Key West neighbor who is illegally renting his cottage by the week to rowdy folks from Minnesota and other points coldly north. Wilma shook the market. First, she scared the wits out of potential homebuyers who said no way were they going to buy in Key West. That pushed listing prices down. Then she scared loosely attached homeowners who decided to fix, sell and get the heck out of town. And, that opened the market to off-island buyers in search of great deals and investment properties. Wilma was no speed bump; instead, she was a catalyst for continuing real estate price escalation.

Michele Grant warns us of how important it is to read an End-User License Agreement (EULA) before you agree to its terms. EULAs vary from vendor to vendor, but you should always assume the worst in them — namely, that you are agreeing to some version of the following: “The company will never, ever be liable for the catastrophic, uninsured loss or global republication of your private data, which we may very likely cause.” Then adjust your data-sharing practices appropriately, Grant adds, including making that choice not to buy the software or service. But even better, simply never, ever trust an online cloud system as the sole backup for your property.

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