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New G.I. Joe: RoC trailer blows

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Here’s a new trailer for the not so anticipated film G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. You may have seen this trailer attached to Year One in theaters. In this trailer they try to show the comedic side of GI Joe. I must emphasize that ‘TRY’ is the keyword here. If you thought the movie was gonna be cheesy, then this new clip makes it look like a Chicago deep dish. Marlon Wayans and those effing Accelerator Suits get most…

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The trailer for the upcoming movie ‘GI Joe: Rise of Cobra’ is a disgrace to entire franchise

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How bad is this trailer? As much as I love Sienna Miller and her delicious chest, the first image from this movie should not have been her portrayl of The Baroness. That character isn’t even in the Top 10 of icons from the GI Joe franchise. Okay, so maybe that’s why they show Destro next, except that’s not Destro, it’s just some Guiness drinker sans the sinister mask. Imagine if Heath Ledger had decided to play The Joker by dressing…

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