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Hillary Clinton proposes $275 billion in new infrastructure spending

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Hillary Rodham Clinton called for hundreds of billions in new federal spending on infrastructure on Sunday, kicking off what her campaign says will be a month-long focus on job creation. Standing before a backdrop of union workers and students, the Democratic presidential frontrunner vowed to rebuild “ladders of opportunity” and give a greater number of Americans a “middle-class lifestyle.” “Investing infrastructure makes our economy more productive and competitive,” she said at the launch of “Hard Hats for Hillary,” a new…

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After new financial disclosure, Annette Taddeo’s ‘middle-class’ claim is even more tenuous

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Annette Taddeo still clings to the impression that she is “middle-class.” But that claim is becoming more tenuous with each passing day. For those who don’t remember, here is a quick refresher. Taddeo, Charlie Crist’s former running mate and current Democratic congressional candidate, had openly proclaimed a middle-class lifestyle, even as she lives in an unambiguously non-middle-class 6,500-square-foot Miami home assessed at $1.25 million. In April, Taddeo told MSNBC she was part of the “middle-class,” despite 15 months earlier listing a net worth of…

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Today on Context Florida: Wise Florida, the middle class and Foley Cellulose

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Today on Context Florida: Barry Jason Mauer poses a chicken-egg problem: Which comes first, the wise society or the wise citizenry? Florida’s society often was unwise in the past because of its entrenched racism. Arguably, it’s still unwise because it hasn’t learned from its history; many of Florida’s residents today know little or nothing about its racist history. An ignorant society is not a wise one. Tim Bryce asks if people truly understand the power of the middle class, they are…

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Ready to run, Hillary Clinton to announce 2016 bid on Sunday

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Hillary Rodham Clinton will end months of speculation and launch her highly anticipated 2016 presidential campaign on Sunday, skipping a flashy kickoff rally in favor of conversations with voters about the economic needs of middle class families and the next generation. Clinton, the former first lady and secretary of state who lost the 2008 nomination to Barack Obama, will begin this time by courting voters in living rooms and cafes in early voting states. If victorious in 2016, she would…

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