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My question at Tiger Bay for Paul Tash, editor of the St. Petersburg Times

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Earlier this year, the Times was recognized by Editor and Publisher as one of ten newspapers that “do it right.” Below are screenshots from the nine other newspapers that also made that list. None of them, or any of the other “ten best newspapers in America,” publish the mugshots of those, mostly poor, who have been incarcerated, yet not yet found guilty. Why is the Times the only highly-respected newspaper that traffics in mugshot journalism?

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If the Times cares about poor people, why publish their mugshot?

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As is often the case, the left hand doesn’t always know what the right hand is writing. Case in point is today’s noble editorial in the SPTimes bemoaning the fact that several courts in Florida have resurrected the de facto debtor’s prison, in which thousands of Floridians are jailed for failing to pay assessed court fees and fines. Yet, this editorial comes from the same newspaper which just launched an online feature for readers to view the mugshots of the…

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