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Today on Context Florida: It’s over for Bernie Sanders, taxpayer Independence Day, nomination rules and the St. Anthony’s Triathlon

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Today on Context Florida: The Bernie Sanders campaign is over, says Steve Schale. The commanding win by Hillary Clinton should bring an end to the nomination fight. Going into Tuesday night, her delegate lead was over 200, and her popular vote lead was over 2.4 million. We’ll see how the New York delegates get allocated, but her lead will significantly grow and she will add another 200,000 or more her popular vote lead. This in a state that Sanders’ top adviser…

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Z Grille’s Zach Gross responds to the news of James Beard nomination

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From Mouth: “I’m kind of shocked. In a million years I never thought you’d associate those two words—James Beard—with me. I think it’s fantastic that this can happen to a guy who put together a restaurant using credit cards and home equity loans. Weirder things have happened, I guess. But in these difficult times, it’s fantastic for the restaurant.” There you have it, folks. Wonder how he’s gonna look in a tuxedo. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the next…

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