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Today on Context Florida: It’s over for Bernie Sanders, taxpayer Independence Day, nomination rules and the St. Anthony’s Triathlon

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Today on Context Florida:

The Bernie Sanders campaign is over, says Steve Schale. The commanding win by Hillary Clinton should bring an end to the nomination fight. Going into Tuesday night, her delegate lead was over 200, and her popular vote lead was over 2.4 million. We’ll see how the New York delegates get allocated, but her lead will significantly grow and she will add another 200,000 or more her popular vote lead. This in a state that Sanders’ top adviser has said was one they needed to win, and one where Sanders himself, as recently as last week said: “We will win a major victory here in New York next Tuesday.” The facts are no longer disputable, Schale adds.

Florida TaxWatch research has found that, assuming the average eight-hour workday, the average Floridian must work one hour and 41 minutes of the eight-hour workday to pay off his or her daily federal tax burden. To pay off their state tax burden, TaxWatch CEO Dominic Calabro says they need to work an additional 24 minutes and 19 minutes is needed for local tax obligations. Overall, the average Floridian works two hours and 24 minutes every day of the year just to pay all his or her taxes. This is why they celebrate Taxpayer Independence Day April 20, the first day in the calendar year that Florida taxpayers, on average, begin earning income that does not go toward federal, state and local taxes.

Michele Grant believes that if you’re seeking the nomination, you should know the rules. Let us not raise the question whether the parties’ nominee selection schemes are actually democratic, she says. In fact, the Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Greens, and other parties can use whatever method they want. And it’s an amateur mistake to think that all a candidate has to do is win a majority of votes in a primary or caucus.

Catherine Durkin Robinson offers some advice for those participating in St. Anthony’s Triathlon, which happens this weekend. Although she is a willing participant, the writer side of Robinson can’t help but observe and document the ensuing culture shift with amusement. She does the same thing at political conferences, except at those events I kick back with the bartenders and make fun of everyone.

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