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Bill would make crime of ‘ballot selfies’ in Florida

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Legislation filed Thursday would formally criminalize taking photographs at voting sites in Florida. That could include taking pictures of one’s own ballot. State law now says, “No photography is permitted in the polling room or early voting area,” but doesn’t include an enforcement provision. State Sen. Frank Artiles‘ bill (SB 224) would make it a first-degree misdemeanor, punishable by up to 1 year in jail, a $1,000 fine or both. The bill would make other changes to the state’s election code, such…

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Eckerd College to send 80 students to Cuba this month

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Eckerd College is sending 375 students to study abroad this semester. Of those, 80 will head to Cuba in the coming days to study subjects such as economics, the environment and photography. The combined study abroad trips make up Eckerd’s largest class of travelers ever. The 80 students traveling to Cuba this month include a group of marine science and biology students led by professor William A. Szelistowski. The group will continue research on coral reefs, lionfish, and manatees begun…

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Stop Obamicizing your photography

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Scroll through your Facebook account and doubtless there are dozens of your “friends” with profile pictures which have been Obamicized like the picture above of my dog Guiness. These so-called friends of yours need to stop. They need to switch back to their previous profile picture…the picture in which they look fabulous but are trying too hard to be unaware how fabulous they look, as if they haven’t already deleted the other two dozen horrible photos of the day they…

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