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Hillary Clinton campaign out with its own ‘Daisy’ ad

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  Hillary Clinton is out with a new ad, featuring a familiar theme. The Clinton campaign released a new advertisement Monday, featuring Monique Lutz, the girl in the famous 1964 “Daisy” ad. The 30-second spot features clips of newscasters talking about whether Republican Donald Trump should be allowed to have access to the nuclear codes. The advertisement is meant to harken back to to the 1964 ad, which featured Lutz standing in a meadow picking off petals of a daisy,…

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New ad focuses on Hillary Clinton’s vision for America

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The Hillary Clinton campaign is beginning its closing arguments in a new ad. The Clinton campaign released a new 60-second spot Wednesday. The ad, first reported in POLITICO Playbook, is set to air in several swing states, including Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. “This is not an ordinary time and this is not an ordinary election,” the Democratic hopeful is heard saying in the advertisement. “I want to send a message to every boy and every girl, and indeed to the…

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Will 2016 spell the end of TV as king of political advertising?

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As the presidential primary season begins, so does a previously unthinkable notion: This year could spell the end of television as the dominant media for political campaigns. The paradox of 2016, as Rick Hampson of USA TODAY notes, is this: Despite unparalleled political spending on TV ads, there is equally unprecedented doubt over whether they have much impact. The concerns revolve around the surprising campaign of Donald Trump, who remains the Republican front-runner despite spending little money on advertising. In…

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Facebook expects to be major player in 2016 political advertising

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Pretty much every Facebook user has by now realized the ads on the sides of the page aren’t random. They’re for vacation spots you may have Googled or clothing similar to something previously purchased online. Gearing up toward 2016, those ads, and sponsored posts embedded in news feeds, will likely become increasingly political. Facebook has reached out to every single 2016 presidential campaign and even some down-ballot ones in anticipation of $1 billion in political advertising. Those ads will target…

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Division of Elections renders opinion on politicians and their Facebook pages

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In one of its first opinions addressing the challenging issues facing political advertising on new media, the Florida Divison of Elections rendered an opinion that there is no rule against politicians listing their party affiliation on such as Facebook provided they aren’t running for re-election. The request came from the City of Coral Springs whose Commissioners wanted to know if there was any rule regardinng nonpartisan candidates posted their party affiliations on their Facebook pages. Division of Elections Director Donald Palmer rendered an opinion that states that…

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