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June 1 is ‘Risky Business’ for Florida lawmakers

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So lawmakers are supposed to come back to Tallahassee on June 1. Sounds logical. The state Constitution requires them to have a budget done by the end of the sixth month and what better time to get started than at its beginning? But there is this one itty bitty little problem: for the vast majority of members, there simply won’t be anything for them to do. What could possibly go wrong? As of today, we are no closer to getting a…

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Live in a Porsche? Designer labels draw Miami homebuyers

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The wow factor for Miami’s skyscraper condos no longer comes from a dazzling Atlantic Ocean view. It takes something more audacious to sell beachfront property these days to the global ultra-wealthy who arrive in Miami with millions to spend on second or third homes. It takes words invested with meaning in the language of the international jet set: Porsche. Giorgio Armani. Fendi. With a slew of residential and hotel developments, Miami is embracing the notion that homes, like cars, handbags…

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