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Port Jefferson

Getting ready to say goodbye

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I’m returning home in four days and I can’t wait. But first we needed to celebrate Aunt Judy’s 60th birthday. Aunt Judy is a big reason why I’ve had such a wonderful experience in New York. She gave me a place to live for a little while. She also played a very influential part in helping me to return to my faith by practically dragging me to daily Mass. She’s had a tough life, losing two children, one to leukemia,…

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Happy 4th of July

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Happy Fourth of July from Port Jefferson. It was a year ago today that I “left” Parkshore Grill. It was also a year ago today that Jenny and I spent our first real night together, after six weeks of sneaking around. A year ago today I would have never thought, if not dreamed, I would be in Port Jefferson, New York, for the Fourth of July. As it is, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. There’s something very cool…

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Toast wins Best of Long Island

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I haven’t run a winning campaign in a couple of years, so it feels especially good to find out that our restaurant has won the award for Best of Long Island. Here’s what they wrote: Port Jefferson is a progressive little town, more like its New England counterparts just a ferry ride away. Toast embodies that small town feeling: It’s the sort of breakfast-and-lunch coffee shop where they remember your name. This hip little spot also features local artwork for…

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