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Possible Election Day problems worry civil rights advocates

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 New ID requirements. Unfamiliar or distant polling places. Names missing from the voter rolls. Those are just some of the challenges that could disrupt voting across the country through Election Day. While most elections have their share of glitches, experts worry conditions are ripe this year for trouble at the nation’s polling places. This is the first presidential election year without a key enforcement provision of the federal Voting Rights Act, and 14 states have enacted new registration or voting…

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Florida primaries eyed: Representation of few, or the many?

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It took just 14,496 votes to win his closed Democratic primary for one of Florida’s 27 congressional seats. Now Darren Soto is virtually assured of going to Capitol Hill, unlikely to face a strong Republican challenge this November in his safely Democratic district. The state senator snared the votes of just 2 percent of the Orlando area district’s 750,000 residents, beating three other candidates in last month’s closed-party, winner-takes-all primary. Only registered Democrats could cast ballots in Soto’s race and…

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Tom Jackson: Maybe if we thought of primaries as playoffs …

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The impression I get is people have the wrong idea about primary elections. To apply a sports analogy, people — I’d call them voters, except they’re plainly not — think of primaries as the exhibition season. This is not without solid foundation. I mean, they do sort of look like the preseason. Starry-eyed unknowns hoping to take down the veteran; once-storied hotshots looking for one last hurrah. (I’m looking at you, Jim Norman.) And the way we treat it, it’s…

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Marco Rubio enters into joint fundraising committee with six other U.S. Senate candidates, including Rob Portman and Pat Toomey

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Marco Rubio will be one of seven U.S. Senate candidates benefit ting from a fundraiser by New York hedge-funder Paul Singer. What’s really interesting is that fundraiser is being held under the umbrella of the U.S. Senate Victory Committee, which was recently organized as a joint fundraising committee that will distribute funds to the seven Republicans who were identified on Federal Election Commission paperwork as participants in the venture. They are Kelly Ayotte (N.H.), a former state Attorney General; Rep.…

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A mailpiece from Rod Smith (sorta)

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With less than 100 days before the primary elections, the candidates certainly are busy. Charlie Crist launched a TV commecial blitz last weekend. And in today’s mail came an attractive, albeit standard, direct mailpiece from Rod Smith’s campaign. On one side, it has a quote from Bob Butterworth and the tagline “Experience, Vision, Guts.”How forceful! By the way, the mailpiece didn’t come directly from Smith’s campaign, rather from Floridians for Responsible Government, Inc.

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