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Donald Trump rides chutzpah to victory in presidential race

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He felt it in the breeze. Nearing the end of his long, improbable journey to victory in the presidential race, Donald Trump, the candidate of so much tumult and bluster, waxed nostalgic about how he got there. “I had great parents, great parents,” Trump told the crowd at a rally in steamy Orlando, Florida. “I just felt that nice breeze, so they’re helping us out.” The candidate who for more than a year had unapologetically demonstrated he would say anything…

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For “blue-collar billionaire” Donald Trump, money’s an asset

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A handful of vacation homes. A car elevator for his four-car garage. A wife whose hobbies included show horses. When Mitt Romney ran for president four years ago, his estimated $250 million fortune was quickly turned into a liability by Democrats, who painted the former Bain Capital chief as out of touch with Americans still struggling to recover from the Great Recession. Four years later, Donald Trump‘s much-bigger pile of money is a central character of his campaign. And far…

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The Hamptons

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Don’t even ask me how I ended up where I am at. Don’t I’m serious. I’d like to say I have no clue how I ended up in Montauk, but I know exactly how this happened. A few weeks ago, I was living at Kim’s, playing dad. Now I’m in Montauk. Where’s Montauk? Well, it’s The End. That’s right…if there is a Beginning somewhere, then Montauk, as the locals will tell you, is The End. That’s where I am and…

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