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Gallup survey shows trend toward consensus on gay marriage

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Pensito Review offered a great post about the trend toward a national consensus in favor of gay marriage remaining in play, a new Gallup survey finds — and while a slight majority of Americans remain opposed to gay marriage today, it is still more than twice as popular now than interracial marriage was when the Supreme Court legalized it in 1967. In the first Gallup poll on interracial marriage taken after the Supreme Court’s 1967 ruling on Loving v. Virginia that states…

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The problem with the Rasmussen poll showing Marco Rubio ahead of Charlie Crist

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Excerpted from Nate Silver of As many people have noticed, Rasmussen’s polls this year have tended to be more favorable to Republican candidates and causes than those of most other polling outfits. This does not necessarily imply bias. It could result from a whole number of things, ranging from the fact that they’re applying a likely voter screen when most other pollsters aren’t, to some sort of methodological quirk, to the fact that they’re just doggone right. But the…

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