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Rory Eggers

State could wed whiskey and Wheaties, but at what cost?

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Lost in the rush to get the “whiskey and Wheaties” bill over the finish line this year is the incredible toll it might take on independently-owned liquor stores. The Senate bill (SB 106) that would tear down the “wall of separation” between hard liquor and other retail goods already zoomed through its committees and is now ready to be considered by the full chamber when the 2017 Legislative Session kicks off on March 7. The House bill (HB 81) is teed up…

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ABC’s app-based alcohol delivery service tears down its argument for keeping ‘whiskey & Wheaties’ wall

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If you listen to the lobbyists for ABC Fine Wine & Spirits and other independent liquor retailers, it would be the bacchanal end-of-the-world if the state’s Prohibition-era law that requires retailers to sell hard liquor in a separate store from groceries and other wares was repealed. For three years now, various lawmakers have carried legislation — nicknamed “whiskey and Wheaties” bills — pushed by Wal-Mart, Target and other big-box retailers that would ease regulations on the sale of alcohol. The bill for…

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