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Dinner at Per Se – Part 1

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The original intent of what was my second foray into the city was to see There Will Be Blood, the critically acclaimed film by one of my favorite directors, PT Anderson, starring one of the absolute best actors, Daniel Day Lewis, working today. This was my first moviegoing experience in the Big Apple and let me tell you, Going to the Show, as my ol’ man liked to call it, is a lot different here than it is in the ‘burg.…

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Photo of the Day from Crescent Lake

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As some of you know, I live next to one of Saint Petersburg’s most treasured natural resources — Crescent Lake Park. I actually have the pleasure of living in an apartment with a 5-window-panel view of the Lake, so I am constantly getting photographs of the beautiful scenes that occur here. As a new feature of Saint Petersblog, I decided to add my own daily “moment of Zen” feature in which I will share a new photo from Crescent Lake.…

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