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Influence of churches, once dominant, now waning in South

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Prayers said and the closing hymn sung, tea-drinking churchgoers fill Marble City Grill for Sunday lunch. But hard on their heels comes the afternoon crowd: craft beer-drinking, NFL-watching football fans. Such a scene would have been impossible just months ago because Sunday alcohol sales were long illegal in Sylacauga, hometown of both the actor who played TV’s Gomer Pyle and the white marble used to construct the U.S. Supreme Court building. While the central Alabama city of 12,700 has only one…

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Day One of Oration Week 2009

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Of all the dorky things I do, and trust me there are many (atteding the midnight premiere of Watchmen is but the latest example, my absolute favorite nerdly function is to recite the Funeral Speech from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, which I will be performing at random spots in downtown St. Pete this Ides of March. A couple of years ago, to set the tone for the speech, I created my own holiday, spread across a week, to celebrate great moments…

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