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Roll with technical disruption or risk being run over

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What is technical disruption? Simply described I think of it as new innovations that constantly drive our society and economy in new and different directions, allowing us or in some instances forcing us to do things in a new way. In the early 1900s my family’s business was rocked by the invention of the tractor. We were in the mule business (the mule pulled your plow for those needing a history lesson on farming) and the tractor ran the mule…

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Dale Brill: The potential of Florida’s innovation system

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Florida’s future depends on innovation. Innovation is needed to address threats, including rising sea levels, the effect of nitrogen cycles, ocean acidification and more. If solutions to these challenges are to find their genesis in Florida, a commitment to innovation is necessary to fully transition state and local economies that compete for investment capital, skilled workforce and overlapping targeted industries. Innovation suffers from many myths, including the one depicting the lone scientist able to radically change the world with a…

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