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Darryl Paulson: Will Donald Trump be dumped? Part III — Impeachment

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The first article in this series looked at the possibility of removing Donald Trump through the 25th Amendment and it concluded there was virtually no chance of that happening. The next article looked at the Constitutional Convention and the debate over whether or not impeachment should be part of the constitution. It also looked at the process that Congress created, as well as the three attempts to impeach and remove presidents. This article examines whether or not there is a…

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Darryl Paulson: Will Donald Trump be dumped? Part II — The Constitutional debate

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In my recent op-ed, I examined the possibility of removing President Donald Trump through the 25th Amendment. That amendment allows for the president to be removed if the vice president and a majority of the cabinet find the president “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.” This option is highly unlikely to succeed. Impeachment is the more likely problem confronting Trump, although the chances of success are minimal at this time. Impeachment and the Constitutional Convention. On…

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