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Top Gun

This is how far Val Kilmer has fallen…

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He was Ice Man (Top Gun). He was in the sharpest bank robbery scene in film history (Heat). But this how far Val Kilmer has fallen, appearing in “Streets of Blood,” a direct-to-video flick co-starring 50 Cent.

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Brokeback Squadron

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Iceman: You can be my wingman… Maverick: Bullshit, you can be mine. For years, those words have represented the pentultimate in machoism, but, like so much from the ’80s, (listening to Genesis, reading Bret Easton Ellis), what once appeared manly now appears homoerotic. If you disagree, first look at this side-splitting video titled Brokeback Squadron, a remix of the trailer for Top Gun set in the post-Brokeback Mountain world of cinema.

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